Rehashing wikis

Matthew East matthew.east at
Tue Mar 15 00:21:18 UTC 2005

> What's the relationship between general wiki editors (including us) and
> the development people in this case? Are we "allowed" to edit the
> relevant sections and rearrange index pages?
> My assumption here would be "yes" -- because that's what wiki culture is
> about, except that there are some pages (like [1]) marked as "do not
> edit without consulting [some person]"). So you'll need to watch out a
> little bit for those guys.

Yeah my view is also that anyone can edit pages unless they are locked
or there is a message not to. Changes to structure are surely ok,
although i would be distinctly wary of making changes to _content_ of
important pages. In fact I think its always a good idea to think twice
before changing content. This is obviously increasingly important with
pages like HoaryReleaseSchedule... ;)


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