Rehashing wikis

Simon Michael simon at
Tue Mar 15 00:20:49 UTC 2005

Yes, the links on the front page have to be efficient if it's not to be 
come a huge long-scrolling laundry list (sometimes that's ok, but not 
here I think). I think the front page should link to "second tier" doc 
pages, not to another first-tier "here are all docs" page.

As you point out this wiki is serving multiple audiences, and I think 
someone earlier proposed separate wiki sites. That might make sense at 
some point, but it's a tough sell. There is a huge benefit to having 
everything close at hand in a single simple wiki.

I think it's better to use the hierarchy as a hint here. Looking at the 
wiki contents it feels like time for another round of work there. Just 
an idea, but how about this:

- Keep DocumentationArea where it is, to act as the common ancestor of 
"end-user documentation"-type pages, as distinct from developer and 
other content. I'd rename it Documentation or UserDocumentation. Then 
when you are browsing a user documentation page, you'll know it because 
UserDocumentation appears in the ancestry above the title.

- Move its content (there isn't much) to FrontPage, trimming it down if 
necessary. Leave it basically empty. So there's no doubt about where to 
start when you're looking for docs: it's FrontPage.

I see there's already a DevelopersDocumentation node, so I think this 
makes sense. Anyway I'm losing coherence but you get the idea, what do 
you think ? Note it can be rearranged again rather easily if we find a 
better scheme. It's tough to find the right organization all at once.

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