Managing Translations

Nick Loeve ubuntu at
Mon Mar 14 07:27:44 UTC 2005

Sean Wheller wrote:
> On Monday 14 March 2005 01:18, Nick Loeve wrote:
>>Sean Wheller wrote:
>>>The most immediate problem is to facilitate translations. We currently do
>>>not use the convention of placing documents into folders intended for
>>>specific languages. For example, the C/ is used for English documents. I
>>>think we may need to cater for this convention if we are to maintain some
>>>order to the repos going forward. Do you feel we should use this method?
>>>I will tally votes and if required spawn a new thread so we can discuss
>>>proposals on structure.
>>This is like a ballot card :)
>>+1+1+1 for using the gettext inspired layout. I don't have time to do
>>this for the next few days, but then i was hoping to work on this (as
>>well as the .pot and .po files for rosetta)
> I have not done much research into the process for translation. All I know is 
> it works on po files. I know what a po and pot file are and how they look. 
> That's it. How a po file becomes a xml file again is a mystery. There must be 
> some scripts or something for it.

Yep! the 'poxml' utilities. They extract .pot files and merge back .po 
file i think. I am going to test it out soon. I have never used poxml 
before, but enrico is just checking with some translators to see if we 
can get translation through rosetta happening (ie if the .pot files 
egnerated are sufficient).

> Nick Perhaps when you find out, let us know how it works.

Yep. Will do.

> On the question of directory structure I suggest we add directories to hold 
> translations as and when we have the need. Does everyone agree that we need 
> to use the folder system or should we just put the po and pot files and 
> resulting xml instances in the same folder as the doc.

I suggest we keep directories in a 'gettext' compitable fashion. Might 
tackle this one when we have some translations happening.

trickie (Nick Loeve)

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