icon files renamed in wiki

Matthew East matthew.east at breathe.com
Sun Mar 13 17:17:40 UTC 2005

> Notes taken while I was doing it:
>  - MoinMoin seems to want a full URI to the image, not only the image
>    name.  I did http://wiki.ubuntu.com/imagename.png.

Yep. I was doing http://www.ubuntulinux.com/wiki/imagename.png but same
difference ;)

>  - While converting ReST, hidden notes can be converted to MoinMoin with
>    two '##' signs at the beginning of a line, such as in:
>    ## What happens if there are conflicts?  We should add that.

Yeah actually the HelpOnEditing needs a bit of work. It was basically
copied over from the moinmoin website so it has some discrepancies.

>  - ReST supports links to anchors later on in the text.  I don't know
>    how to do that in Moin: there was a short index, I commented it out
>    (the document is short anyway)

The "anchor" macro is necessary for this. I was talking to Simon
yesterday and he said that perhaps there may be a possibility of adding
macro capability to the wiki. They would be useful for this task, and
also there is one for adding html options (alt, align, size etc) to
inline images. Although this doesn't matter too much for icons, it would
be incredibly useful for larger images like screenshots.


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