Wiki -- Upgrading from Warty Warthog to Hoary Hedgehog

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Wed Mar 9 20:58:26 UTC 2005

> Jonathan Jesse wrote:
>> I was disappointed to not find any information on upgrading from Warty
>> to
>> Hoary on the Wiki, in fact the only information was on remove portmap if
>> you are running NIS.  I will be working on this Wiki page as I recently
>> made the leap on my laptop.
>> Hopefully this is where that information should go.
>> Current page in the WIKI
>> Unless there should be a better location to find it?
> Hi Jonathan,
> Thats the right place! One you have updated that page, if you let me
> know, i will include the changes in the release notes too (or you could
> post me a patch ;) ).
> Remember that Hoary is not officially released yet, and they are still
> working on bugs/issues etc that may not be in the final freeze.
> I did an 'unofficial' upgrade a while ago, and i had to manually fix
> some things that are now fixed in the supported/unsupported archive.
> Just be careful not to confuse users who wait for the offical Hoary
> release and might not have to tweak as many things as you.
> Cheers,
> trickie (Nick Loeve)

Well as my first attempt it is going slow :)  I'll make sure that it I
mark that it is not officially released yet and then can make the change
when it goes live officially.

Btw, it was one of the smoothest updates I have done.  SUSE 9.1 -> 9.2 was
not as smooth so pass my congrats on to correct people.

Jonathan Jesse

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