ubuntu-faqguide and ubuntu-quickguide added to desktop seed

Sean Wheller sean at inwords.co.za
Sun Mar 6 09:29:38 UTC 2005

On Sunday 06 March 2005 02:53, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> We would prefer to keep the desktop clear, as it is now, and present this
> type of information through the panels.
> About Ubuntu, of course, will continue to have its own menu item under the
> System menu.  I think that the best place for the FAQ Guide and Quick Guide
> is to put them at the very front page in Yelp, so that the user sees them
> when they click on the help icon, since these documents will generally be
> the most relevant to new users.

Agreed to keep the Desktop clear as possible. However, it is common to have a 
distro icon on the desktop. In SuSE we have the SuSE icon. Which opens in a 
frameless screen with a list of most important things and places. From there 
you can click though. Some links start  apps like YaST online update others 
click though in the default browser. When SuSE is started for the first time 
this screen is displayed. The user can  to disable it for next logon. In 
addition I think that having an ubuntu icon on the desktop will add the 
brand. I am not sure how they developed this.

With regard to FAQ and Quick Guide. Somebody who know Yelp needs to do it. We 
don't seem to know how it can be done.
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