Documentation team: selected open tasks

Mary Gardiner mary-sounder at
Sun Mar 6 05:44:46 UTC 2005

--- Selected tasks to help out with ---

Don't forget also that there's a team meeting on either Thursday or

QuickGuide: see for full
statuses: here's a selection:

 - Help wanted with BitTorrent section

 - Help wanted with Sound Recorder section

 - Help wanted with Add Remove programs section

 - Help wanted with Screen Resolution section

FAQGuide: see . The FAQ Guide
has three major tasks open:

 - put an html export on

 - check if the contents are still valid for hoary

Ubuntu release notes: see Sections of
this are awaiting review:

 - Introduction
 - What's new
 - Upgrade notes
 - Credits

Wiki todo list: see . There
are several documents listed as needing work:


Anyone taking up these docs might also want to make a note on their
progress on the WikiToDo page.


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