2005-03-03 Ubuntu-doc report

Enrico Zini enrico at enricozini.org
Thu Mar 3 13:40:53 UTC 2005

Welcome to today's Ubuntu-doc report, covering Feb 25 to Mar 03

* Docteam packages updated in Hoary

Hooray!  Our documentation is now part of the Hoary desktop seed list
and available via Synaptic!

Some issues are still left with it, such as making the document show up
in the right categories in Yelp and registering them with the docbase
indexing system, but we're getting there fast.

As a consequence for this, the repository has ungergone various cleanup
tasks and some file names became much nicer.

* More new members

A warm welcome to Ari Torhamo, who recently joined the list, had a read
to DocteamStepByStepRepository and started sending patches right away!

A warm welcome also to "squareyes" Winton, who joined the list and
posted a link to some very nice ubuntuguide.org-style documentation he
wrote for Hoary:


* QuickGuide TODO list

There have been some new features getting into Hoary, which now call for
their sections on the QuickGuide.  Here's what's still not marked

  GNOME BitTorrent	Help Wanted 
  Sound Recorder	Help Wanted 
  Add Remove Programs	Help Wanted 
  Palm OS Devices	Help Wanted 
  Screen Resolution	Help Wanted 
  Log out		Awaiting Review  [Sean Wheller's note: please
			add a description of what the Hibernate this
			computer option does.]

That's only 5 sections left and one awaiting review.  Get the patches

If you don't know how, read here:

* Release Notes status

Following the round of good news, Nick Loeve reported that the Release
Notes are almost completed as well: he's just waiting for some last info
from the developers about the switch to X.org.



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