Harnassing the Gnome User Guide for our document

Sean Wheller sean at inwords.co.za
Wed Jun 29 07:00:22 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 29 June 2005 08:00, Jerome Gotangco wrote:
> Sean Wheller wrote:
> >>Another note about the Gnome User guide and gnome docs in general is
> >>that they are in terrible shape and basically have no maintainer
> >>currently. If we can "adopt" them, as a team, that would probably make
> >>Gnome extremely happy.
> >
> > Most of this work is an upstream project. I see no point in forking the
> > GNOME docs and doing the work down here.
> If we were in baz, we could have access to upstream docs, thus
> increasing our field of potential contributions to Ubuntu and upstream
> (GNOME would be happy as well). Although this is very much a long-term
> goal and tackling them still needs to be fleshed out, but a very good
> subject to discuss for the next release.

ding ding, vendor drops

I have mentioned this concept before seems like people are now starting to see 
a need for it.

Vendor drops can enable us to have a copy of upstream in SVN and use 
XInclude/XPointer to bring in whole XML-instances or a selected XPath of that 

With KDE it is easy. All docs are in one place. However, at GNOME the docs are 
all over the place, since they like to keep apps and docs together.

Anyway, if people want to use it, I suggest adding it to the meeting agenda 
and discussing it :-) (team decision). 

On th eplus side vendor drops will accelerate our ability to build documents 
by repurposing upstream content. On the downside, it adds a level of 
complexity that may increase the barrier to entry for new people.
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