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Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sun Jun 26 22:56:39 UTC 2005

matthew.east.ubuntu at wrote:
>> It is currently not circulated...  I wrote an email asking if there
>> was interest in a new newsletter in -doc maybe 2-3 weeks ago and since
>> then have been working on how it will work and talking to Mako and
>> other people that had something interesting going on that I could get
>> a news item from.
>> Right now in the current draft there's about 3 "news items" in it
>> which isnt much, but it's a start.
>> Email me off list if you want more information or to help.
> I don't think I can help with this, but I definitely think it is a cool 
> idea! I've thought for a while that something like the Gentoo Weekly 
> Newsletter[1] would be a really cool thing. It outlines news from both 
> within and without the community, and has some interested statistics 
> from bugzilla etc. Perhaps this will overlap with "The Fridge" 
> project[2], but I don't know what status that project is at

status of The Fridge:  work in progress...

Overlaps:  not really.  The Fridge will be a portal of news/calendar, etc 
related to Ubuntu-world.  So people still have to write stuff, including 
possibly that weekly newsletter; The Fridge will simply be the location where 
that weekly newsletter will be posted for everyone to see.

Personally I really miss the Ubuntu Traffic.  But I suspect the raw amount of 
work to issue it every week was probably quite large, and unless quite a few 
people working as a group organize themselves to write these weekly traffic, 
it will not come back.

Daniel Robitaille

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