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Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sun Jun 26 22:14:00 UTC 2005

I was looking at the IconsPage last night on the wiki:

The problem is that the 47 icons on that page were not migrated during the 
wiki switch.  So I can manually grab them from the old wiki backup and upload 
to that page as attachments (I have done one as a test: IconUbuntu.png); it's 
a boring job, but easily doable. Then it seems I have to change the markup 
code from:

to get it to display on the wiki page (once again did one as a test)    So 
that's fine.  But is there any way to access that specific icon (i.e 
attachement) from another page on the Wiki? Or attachements are limited to the 
page they are attached to?   Since the whole point of that page was originally 
to have a centralized location for all posible icons in the Wiki, easily 
insertable by using the proper URL in any page, by have to access the 
attachment pages only from the specific wiki page tends to defeat that 
original purpose for that page.

Unless there is a way to create a wiki page that contains only the png, then 
we could keep the original moinmoin systax 
( to display the png in the wiki page.

Daniel Robitaille

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