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Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sun Jun 26 01:53:20 UTC 2005

matthew.east.ubuntu at wrote:
> I haven't had any replies on the suggestion for a wiki team which might 
> be a subteam of the documentation team, whose role it would be to try 
> and keep the wiki semi under control in terms of structure and 
> organisation. I felt that creating such a team would be a good idea in 
> terms of getting people to take responsibility for this job.
> So I thought I would start a new thread to try and bump the idea, and 
> will raise it at the meeting next week, if there is one.
> There are obviously lots of different jobs which such a team could 
> fulfil, of which I expressed some in my previous email. One other job 
> came to mind: categorisation of pages. It seems people have been putting 
> pages in categories, sometimes sensibly, othertimes a bit oddly. In any 
> case, I've noticed a number of categories being added that don't in fact 
> exist[1], so a job for a wiki team might be to keep track of categories 
> and organise pages accordingly, along with lots of other jobs.
> Matt
> [1] an example is CategoryDocumentation: 
> CategoryDocumentation&fullsearch=Text#preview

I personally think this is a good idea.

And how do you end up tagging a page with a category that doesn't exist?  Is 
it because someone added the category name manually at the bottom of the page 
while editing? If that's the case, that's sounds like the wiki has very 
fragile way of managing categories.

Daniel Robitaille

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