Wiki Team?

matthew.east.ubuntu at matthew.east.ubuntu at
Sat Jun 25 23:29:16 UTC 2005

I haven't had any replies on the suggestion for a wiki team which might be a 
subteam of the documentation team, whose role it would be to try and keep 
the wiki semi under control in terms of structure and organisation. I felt 
that creating such a team would be a good idea in terms of getting people to 
take responsibility for this job. 

So I thought I would start a new thread to try and bump the idea, and will 
raise it at the meeting next week, if there is one. 

There are obviously lots of different jobs which such a team could fulfil, 
of which I expressed some in my previous email. One other job came to mind: 
categorisation of pages. It seems people have been putting pages in 
categories, sometimes sensibly, othertimes a bit oddly. In any case, I've 
noticed a number of categories being added that don't in fact exist[1], so a 
job for a wiki team might be to keep track of categories and organise pages 
accordingly, along with lots of other jobs. 


[1] an example is CategoryDocumentation: 

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