New here wanting to help out

Sivan Green sivang.ulists at
Thu Nov 4 12:56:41 UTC 2004

On Thu, 4 Nov 2004 20:28:58 +1100, George Deka <george.deka at> wrote:
> Well before i was a KDE user, so GNOME to start off with may not be
> the best. But firefox, synaptic (a bit), OOo, gaim. But i am more than
> willing to tackle any GNOME documents.
No problem. make suit you best :)

> I was wondering would it be good to have an doc on how to get the most
> out of firefox, extensions and themes and even specify some
> extensions.
> I heavily follow the mozilla community etc.
It would be great, as a GNOME based distro a doc on such firefox
issues would be awsome, especially if you could teach workarounds to
common firefox pitfalls.

> Thinking about it newbie docs may good for me considering i have only
> been using linux for about 18 months.
> I am definetly interested in joining.

See if you can meet us on #ubuntu-meeting today, from 13:00UTC


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