RFC on build from branch UI

Michael Hudson michael.hudson at canonical.com
Thu Feb 11 04:30:20 GMT 2010

Tim Penhey wrote:
> On Tue, 02 Feb 2010 23:01:49 Michael Nelson wrote:
>> https://dev.launchpad.net/BuildBranchToArchiveUI
> Hi Michael,
> Firstly I think you have done an awesome job with the UI mock-ups.  I talked 
> with Michael Hudson today, and here is the summary of what came up. I'm not 
> expecting you to answer all of these, but to give us notes to work from.
> We agreed that it is important to focus on the initial workflow of creating a 
> new daily build of a branch into a PPA.

One part of the mock up I was a bit uncomfortable with was the "view
details" section of selecting a recipe.  It seems as if this allowed
editing the recipe -- if this is the case, I think it's a bit wrong.
The dialog that lets you edit a recipe should have a button labelled
"Save" at the bottom of it, not build, to emphasise that one is editing
a shared resource, not something specific to this build.  So perhaps the
workflow should be select recipe, edit recipe, this pops up another
dialog, save, goes back to selection screen with edited recipe selected,
then click build.  I think James already said something like this.


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