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Jerry Haltom wasabi at
Sat Oct 28 15:11:09 BST 2006

On Sat, 2006-10-28 at 01:43 -0400, Nicolas Kassis wrote:
> I was looking over the specs and I had a couple questions I would your 
> opinion on.
> Will this directory be LDAP server independent ? Or will one server be 
> preferred ?

Independent. AD will be our first real target on the client side, as
it's the biggest directory in use, and a superset of LDAP/Kerberos.

> What sort of interface will be available to manage all these services ? 

None planned as of yet.

> What I mean is will a GUI or/and web interface be developed ? Or will 
> existing tools such as Luma be used ? Would it be good to modeled it on 
> AD ? This would help alleviate the move from Windows to Linux for those 
> admins.
> I guess this is probably early for all these implementation questions. I 
> hope I'm not repeating anything that has already been discussed.
> Keep up the good work and thank you for doing it.
> Nic
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