+1 maintenance report

Lucas Kanashiro lucas.kanashiro at canonical.com
Mon Mar 14 12:32:54 UTC 2022


Below some comments about my +1 maintenance shift from last week:

# docker.io

Sponsored upload for xypron to enable the riscv64 architecture (LP:

# Unblock ruby2.7 removal

A simple re-run of some tests with the right triggers made some packages
still depending on ruby2.7 migrate, and ruby2.7 was finally removed from
Jammy. Below are some blockers that I found.

## ruby-em-socksify

The DEP-8 test was failing because of a missing runtime dependency on
ruby-webrick which was removed from ruby itself. Version 0.3.1-3 was
uploaded to Debian with the fix. ruby-eventmachine migrated from -proposed.

## ruby-net-ssh

It still does not support OpenSSL 3, a bunch of tests are failing because
of that. A bug was filed upstream by the Fedora maintainer and I filed the
following LP bug to track this case (LP: #1964025). I spent most of my time
on it, writing a patch to submit upstream but it is still not ready. I am
coordinating this with schopin and hopefully we will get this fixed soon.

After a migration-reference/0 run it unblocked ruby2.7 removal because this
is already broken in the release pocket. Thanks for that vorlon.

Lucas Kanashiro.
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