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Mon Sep 13 18:23:56 UTC 2021

W.K Sumedha Thilakarathne
wksumedha at
13 September 2021
Dear Sir,
*Submitting a request*

Wijesekara keyboard layout is currently used as the official keyboard
layout in Sri Lanka. But we are very embarrassed that Ubuntu does not use
that keyboard layout. It is already being used successfully in Apple Mac OS
and Windows 10/08/07 operating systems. In today's competitive world, these
minor flaws can cause users to opt out of the Ubuntu operating system. Even
before this keyboard layout came to Windows OS computers, Ubuntu used a
very accurate Sinhala keyboard layout. I have used Ubuntu operating system
several times. In each of those cases Successfully used that keyboard layout.
However, the  sinhala keyboard layout used in the new Ubuntu 21.04 version,
shows that it is not possible to write anything in Sinhala language. In a
small country like Sri Lanka, this small flaw could have a major impact as
the operating system expands. For an amateur, that experience can range
from not using the Ubuntu operating system forever.

I kindly ask you to take steps to install Wijesekera keyboard layout again
in Ubuntu. I really appreciate your response. That keyboard layout is
provided as an attachment to this.

Thank you !
W.K. Sumedha Thilakarathne
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