Release candidate preparation for 18.04.6

Lukasz Zemczak lukasz.zemczak at
Mon Sep 13 11:22:37 UTC 2021

Hello developers,

As you know, we are refreshing the 18.04 images with an additional
point release to get installation media bootable again after the key
revocations. .6 is special because it's not a standard point-release,
with most flavors now being over their support timeline - so
essentially we'll only be building Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server
images (+ Ubuntu Core a bit later). Also, since this is not a
regularly scheduled release, our estimated release date is this
Thursday (16th of September) but it's not a hard-set deadline, so we
can be more flexible.

That being said, we are now slowly preparing for our first release
candidates for .6. Will send out a follow up e-mail about image
call-for-testing once that's done, but until then a note to all SRU
and security-team members: please don't release anything into bionic
without consulting with the release team first. Everything will go
back to normal once we release.

Thank you!


Ɓukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak
 Foundations Team
 lukasz.zemczak at

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