Results of archive rebuild against OpenSSL3

Simon Chopin simon.chopin at
Mon Aug 9 13:18:09 UTC 2021


As some of you may be aware, the OpenSSL project is working towards a
major OpenSSL 3.0 version, which will not be ABI compatible with
the current 1.1 branch[0]. They have recently released a first Release
Candidate version[1], and in order to prepare for a stable release, I've
uploaded a version of this release candidate on a PPA, based on the
Debian Experimental version[2].

I have also uploaded to this PPA all packages currently in impish that
have a direct reverse-dependency on libssl-dev, to assess the amount of
breakage such a transition would bring. You'll find the result at [3],
but please bear in mind that it is a really rough experiment, so it's
likely that I've missed some dependencies, or that some build failures
aren't related to OpenSSL at all.

Note that there aren't any concrete plans for OpenSSL3 in Ubuntu *yet*,
so don't panic. This work has been done in order to assess the amount of
work involved in such migration.

Also, since the rebuild has been done in a PPA, I had to tweak the
report script quite a bit, so some of its features might not have been
working properly.



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