This missing kernel headers on our latest stable release madness...

Cruz Bishop cruzjbishop at
Fri Feb 22 03:54:28 UTC 2013

Wouldn't a fix be as easy as enforcing linux-headers-generic on the ISO
image and/or at the initial OS installation?
On 22 Feb 2013 13:25, "Scott Ritchie" <scottritchie at> wrote:

> I've been absolutely flooded with informal reports over a period of
> several months now of 12.10 being still broken with regards to proprietary
> drivers.
> Reports like this are typical, especially after the influx of steam users:
> "Installed ubuntu + proprietary amd drivers, got no unity at 800x600 on
> next reboot and uninstalled."
> The proximate cause is a combination of**
> ubuntu/+source/nvidia-**graphics-drivers-updates/+bug/**1068341<>and
> But more worrisome is that this appears to be something we still haven't
> fixed for 12.10, even if the fix is a hackish ugly workaround such as
> forcing the install of the headers-generic pacakge in the additional
> drivers tool.
> I'm not sure what the underlying fix should be, but it is making me
> question if there's some sort of larger process issue here because we've
> managed to drop this on the floor for so long.
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