This missing kernel headers on our latest stable release madness...

Scott Ritchie scottritchie at
Fri Feb 22 03:24:56 UTC 2013

I've been absolutely flooded with informal reports over a period of 
several months now of 12.10 being still broken with regards to 
proprietary drivers.

Reports like this are typical, especially after the influx of steam users:
"Installed ubuntu + proprietary amd drivers, got no unity at 800x600 on 
next reboot and uninstalled."

The proximate cause is a combination of 

But more worrisome is that this appears to be something we still haven't 
fixed for 12.10, even if the fix is a hackish ugly workaround such as 
forcing the install of the headers-generic pacakge in the additional 
drivers tool.

I'm not sure what the underlying fix should be, but it is making me 
question if there's some sort of larger process issue here because we've 
managed to drop this on the floor for so long.

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