indicator-weather broken, should we drop it from raring?

Barry Warsaw barry at
Fri Apr 19 14:46:25 UTC 2013

On Apr 19, 2013, at 04:26 PM, Sebastien Bacher wrote:

>Looking to the most reported raring issues, I noticed that indicator-weather
>is listed in there. Investigating the issue I ended on
>" " It is
>impossible to add new location to the list ""

It's also pretty crashy.  I'd say it crashes for me about once a week, but
then I just restart it and it seems happy again for a while.

>Since the indicator seems quite popular I wanted to email the list to mention
>the issue before asking for the source to be dropped from raring (in case
>anyone wants to step in to fix it). Is there anyone wanting to have a go at
>fixing the code?

Even with all its problems, I still like having a weather indicator on my
desktop.  I'd vote for keeping it for Raring, but giving us through S to fix
the more egregious of the problems, or replacing it with something more

Time permitting, I'd be willing to work with others to help improve it.


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