Patch pilot report Mar. 15 2012

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Thu Mar 15 17:12:54 UTC 2012

bug #930703 - uploaded attached patch
bug #949942 - left a comment to change the proposed patch slightly to
make more sense 
bug #950935 - uploaded patch with adjustment of the version number (new
upstream that doesnt affect the patch was uploaded the same time the
patch was produced) 
bug #840673 - answered the question the patch submitter had about
upstreaming and gave a hint to use uuen/decode instead of adding binary
files to patches bug 
#941874 - straightforward fix, merged and uploaded 
merge #91210 - approved and merged but felt to trivial to actually do a
separate upload for a two like patch description change, leaving that
to the desktop team 
merge #97652 - approved and merged (bugfix for LP: #956152) also
leaving the upload to the desktop team with the next lightdm release
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