UDS-Q Call for Plenaries (and a demo day idea)

Jorge O. Castro jorge at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 15 21:14:51 UTC 2012


The submission process for UDS plenaries is now open!


There are some changes to plenaries this time around which are all on
the wiki page, however here are the important changes.

- There is now a deadline (April 25th) for plenary submissions. This
is to cut down on churn in the schedule so we can have them scheduled
ahead of time.
- Presenters are now explicitly expected to have their slides prepared
ahead of time.

If you would like to present a plenary, please add your topic/title to
the wiki page.

Jono and I were also thinking that since the quality BOF went over so
well last year that we'd like to do that sort of thing again. So I'd
like to bounce around the idea of "Demo Thursday Night". This would be
a place where people can plug in and demo stuff.

This would be more time than the 5 minutes we do at lightning talks
and would give people an opportunity to spend more time asking
questions, showing off side-projects, "My favorite developer tool for
solving foo", show off particularly hard bugs you might have fixed
this cycle, "Writing your first Unity lens", that sort of thing. This
would be an after-hours event, so it would be more relaxed and less
rigid than the plenaries. The idea here is to bring some of the
fabulous after hours technical discussions to a wider audience without
making it feel like "work". For your consideration!


Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.

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