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a.grandi at gmail.com wrote on 20/08/12 09:18:
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> On 20 August 2012 10:38, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt at canonical.com> 
> wrote:
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>> On that page, you suggest having one of these sprints in July and
>> one in January.
>> Why not do it every week?
> because even if we did an Hangout for the half of the blueprints 
> discussed in the previous UDS, it would take at least 4 hours for
> 5 days of the week.

Yes, but even if you were doing it every six months -- and
*especially* if you were doing it every week -- there would be no
point in having a Hangout for even half the blueprints. For most of
them, the only thing to say would be "welp, there's still no-one
working on this". (There are often sessions like this at UDS, for
example on the Common Printing Dialog, or two-factor authentication.)

Instead, have a Hangout only for those features that anyone is
actively working on that week.

> Imagine it like being at UDS:
> ...

No, don't do that. UDS is not a good example of how to get work done.

> ...
>>> Maybe we should schedule a session at next UDS to talk about 
>>> this?
>> Why wait until then? Why not start now?
> you are right! I was just thinking that maybe organizing this 
> face-to-face would be easier, but.... why don't we simply schedule 
> an Hangout session soon and discuss about it? It would be the best 
> way to test if it works :)
> ...

So, here's what I suggest:

1.  Choose one of the features you're working on right now.

2.  Mail this list to say "I'm going to start a weekly Hangout about
    {feature} next week. If you're interested, reply privately to tell
    me how you're involved and which UTC hours you'll be available."

3.  After a few days, choose a time that most suits the people who are
    most involved, and follow up to announce it.

Then if it turns out to be a good idea, people working on other
features will start doing the same thing.

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