Minutes from the 12.04.1 team meeting (Thursday 9th of August)

Stéphane Graber stgraber at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 16 13:49:23 UTC 2012

(Sorry for sending this so late, I thought I already did ...)

The eighth 12.04.1 team meeting took place at 14:00 UTC on Thursday the
2nd of August 2012.

== Attendees ==

 - arges
 - jamespage
 - jibel
 - seb128
 - skaet
 - slangasek
 - smoser
 - stgraber (chair)
 - xnox

== Notes ==
=== Deadlines ===
The upcoming deadlines are:
 * 2012/08/09: KernelFreeze, LanguageTranslationDeadline, SRU Fix
Validation Testing
 * 2012/08/16: FinalFreeze, ReleaseNoteFreeze
 * 2012/08/23: Ubuntu 12.04.1

=== Bugs ===
Verification and fixes of any detected regression should be the main
focus at this point.
Work on 10.04 to 12.04 upgrade without internet media is ongoing.

=== Oversizedness ===
A few live-build fixes have made all the images fit again.

== Team status updates ==
 - Desktop: moving bugs to 12.04.2, discussing whoopsie on
ubuntu-release mailinglist, compiz SRU fixed to work on arm, rest look good
 - Release: working on release notes at
 - Foundations: working on upgrade fixes, fixed remaining oversizedness
bugs, doing SRU verification
 - L3:
is now running from a cronjob
 - Server: waiting for walinuxagent, been moving other bugs to 12.04.2.
There won't be a MaaS update for 12.04.1.
 - QA: focus is on upgrade testing, found a few obsolete conffiles being
left around,

== Actions ==
 * xnox to liase with ballons, gema and jibel w.r.t. fs/storage testing

== Next meeting ==

Full meeting log is available here:

The next meeting will be on Thursday the 16th of August at 14:00 UTC
(#ubuntu-meeting on freenode).

Useful resources and the meeting agenda are available at:

Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu developer

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