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Thu Aug 16 18:23:54 UTC 2012

I think this is a great idea...

I am not very active in the group but this gives me an opportunity to be
part of the project and start contributing in any fashion I can.. I think
the community IRC support is great but probably we can use the google+
hangouts for that too as we can also share our desktops or documents.. it
makes support more social and personal, and also I think we can engage new
users much better. Using social networks will help market the great world
of open source and linux to a larger audience.

Just my 2 cents on the subject.


Rajeev Bhatta
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> Hi,
> during the last UDS party, I had an idea to improve Ubuntu
> development, but I didn't know if it could be a good idea or a stupid
> one, so I talked to Daniel Holbach and David Planella about it and
> they were happy to hear about it and Daniel told me to talk about this
> directly to Mark (and I did it).
> Let's explain the basic idea.
> From an UDS and the next one, it would be useful to have a development
> sprint where people can talk about assigned UDS blueprints, at which
> point they are on their tasks, if they have any problems and if they
> will finish them within the next UDS.
> Of course Canonical cannot organize another meeting, it would be very
> expensive, so the idea is: why don't we use Google Hangout to organize
> the sprint? I has a limit of 10 people, I know, but we could select
> (for example) 5 from the community and 5 from Canonical. There would
> be parallel meeting and tracks, we would use the same blueprints used
> during the last UDS and we would add further notes. The attendees
> would be able to listen and watch the stream and make questions
> through the available chat.
> I've also created a wiki page with more informations and you can find
> it here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuReleaseSprint
> What do you think about? I know that Canonical is already organizing
> sprints and this could be a way to involve more the Ubuntu Community.
> Maybe we should schedule a session at next UDS to talk about this?
> I hope to get some feedback from you.
> Best regards,
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