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Thu Aug 16 12:53:36 UTC 2012


during the last UDS party, I had an idea to improve Ubuntu
development, but I didn't know if it could be a good idea or a stupid
one, so I talked to Daniel Holbach and David Planella about it and
they were happy to hear about it and Daniel told me to talk about this
directly to Mark (and I did it).

Let's explain the basic idea.

>From an UDS and the next one, it would be useful to have a development
sprint where people can talk about assigned UDS blueprints, at which
point they are on their tasks, if they have any problems and if they
will finish them within the next UDS.

Of course Canonical cannot organize another meeting, it would be very
expensive, so the idea is: why don't we use Google Hangout to organize
the sprint? I has a limit of 10 people, I know, but we could select
(for example) 5 from the community and 5 from Canonical. There would
be parallel meeting and tracks, we would use the same blueprints used
during the last UDS and we would add further notes. The attendees
would be able to listen and watch the stream and make questions
through the available chat.

I've also created a wiki page with more informations and you can find
it here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuReleaseSprint

What do you think about? I know that Canonical is already organizing
sprints and this could be a way to involve more the Ubuntu Community.

Maybe we should schedule a session at next UDS to talk about this?

I hope to get some feedback from you.

Best regards,

Andrea Grandi - Nokia-DX/Tampere / Qt Ambassador
Ubuntu Member: https://launchpad.net/~andreagrandi
website: http://www.andreagrandi.it

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