Default layout of the GNOME Classic session

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sun Apr 22 03:30:50 UTC 2012

On Saturday, April 21, 2012 04:28:30 PM Allison Randal wrote:
> On 04/21/2012 03:33 PM, Benjamin Drung wrote:
> > Ubuntu Classic would be a better name for the session, because it looks
> > more like a GNOME 2 environment from Ubuntu than like an untouched GNOME
> > environment. The GNOME Classic session uses the indicators and the
> > notify-osd from Ubuntu.
> There's a distinction here between essential functional changes to allow
> GNOME Panel to integrate with applications and system internals on
> Ubuntu, and appearance changes to make it "look more like GNOME 2".
> I'm in favor of the first, and not the second. But, I've said enough,
> time for others to comment.

I don't know how this works in Gnome, but I think if this were KDE, I think 
everything Benjamin is looking for could be accomplished with an alternate 
meta package and a settings package.  

Personally, I agree with the idea of minimizing changes from upstream as 
that's been the perspective in Kubuntu, but Ubuntu heavily customized Gnome(2) 
long before Unity showed up.  I suspect there are two different camps that are 
trying to make use of the classic session:

1.  Wants something more like Gnome 2 on Ubuntu used to be.

2.  Wants a more pure upstream Gnome 3 (with this as a fallback mechansim)

Unless patches to the core packages are required, I would think that if there 
is a community of interested developers, supporting both shouldn't be very 
hard if it's worked out properly.

If there are interested people, I think this would be a good UDS topic.

Scott K

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