Pilot Report 2012-04-19

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Thu Apr 19 23:09:27 UTC 2012

974887: Reviewed cnd's input patchset (pending for SRU to precise)
  + http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~cndougla/xserver/log/?h=input-fixes

968218: ssh x11 forwarding between releases causes memory corruption
  + Fleshed out SRU request
  + Reviewed and sponsored patch for oneiric
  + After consulting with debian, rolled patch for lucid too, got review
    from orig author, and sponsored patch for lucid.

970024: Unity Greeter has purple backgroundcolor before the background
  image is loaded
  + Proposed diff has unfinished merge work, marked Needs Fixing

Retargeted bunch of sponsor requests to be SRUs that looked appropriate.
Explained procedure, added SRU verbage, set to Incomplete.
  * 983835  jackdbus
  * 984962  consolekit
  * 980180  cluster-agents / resource-agents
  * 981248  evince
  * 946067  libsnmp-session-perl

Several requests don't look important enough to fulfil SRU criteria.
I've bumped them out of the queue (or marked wontfix), with friendly
explanation to reporter:
  * 981856  glib-networking
  * 976624  totem
  * ~geoubuntu/ubuntu/precise/tvtime/XKeycodeToKeysym/+merge/102003
  * ~geoubuntu/ubuntu/precise/gnomeradio/980633+980652/+merge/101897
  * 980349  ibus-hangul

Cleaned up merge statuses and subscriptions on various other
already-reviewed branches to tidy up the queue.

46 items at start of session, 24 at end.


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