Patch Pilot Apr 16-Apr 19

Micah Gersten micah.gersten at
Thu Apr 19 09:13:24 UTC 2012

sponsor refpolicy-ubuntu FTBFS fix - (LP: #935407)

iterate with contributor on
and sponsor cairo-dock-plug-ins ( (LP: #984054)

Please remove wesnoth-1.8 from precise - bug 982534
 - deemed unnecessary as the source has use for people upgrading to precise

Reviewed 965645 <> - Error starting
ConVirt - Marked as triaged for the task with a patch, incomplete for
the task that we're waiting on the reporter
  - Asked for review from Steve Langasek (figure this can go into Debian
now if it's worthy), too late for precise before release, Steve can
determine if it's SRU worthy
 - patch was fine, needed a little more information before sponsoring though

The prompt for installing MP3 playback support dialogue box does not fit
in a 1024x600 display - 962860 <>
 - No upstream patch acceptance (Ubuntu One) nor UIFe paperwork,
unsubscribed -sponsors

gnome-desktop-item-edit should be in a new package - Bug #97529
 - Needs coordination with Debian, affects seeded packages, mentioned
asking for SRU approval once it's sorted in 12.10, unsubscribed -sponsors
 - had stgraber look at it and he already fixed the issue
 - discovered that the importer "had fun" ala reverting and recommitting
with the casper UDD branch and filed bug 985465

Sync kernel-package 12.036+nmu2 (universe) from Debian testing (main) -
Bug #975392
 - was already sync'd, marked fix released

Wanda the fish is a mute! - Bug #433631
 - potential lucid SRU, not sure if precise is affected, linked Debian
bug, asked patch writer to research, unsubscribed -sponsors

Queue is down to 45

Micah Gersten
Ubuntu Security Team

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