Please do not use syncpackage during hard-freeze periods

Artur Rona ari-tczew at
Tue Mar 29 07:44:10 UTC 2011

What kind of problem do you have with accepting packages based on
syncpackage? Do you need a bug for see explanation why it should be
synced? It is, in file *_source.changes which is uploaded every time on
ftp via dput. There is a line called 'Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed' where you
can find a bug number which is leading to request of sync.

Dnia 2011-03-26, sob o godzinie 10:39 +0000, Colin Watson pisze:
> During hard-freeze periods (such as the current beta freeze) all uploads
> to the queue must have an easily-found rationale (preferably in the
> changelog or a linked bug) in order to be accepted.  syncpackage does
> not permit this, because all we get in the queue is the changelog
> written by the Debian maintainer, which doesn't typically explain why
> the changes matter for the Ubuntu 11.04 beta-1 release.
> I have rejected three uploads made using syncpackage:
>   aview
>   bbrun
>   papaya
> If these need to be in the 11.04 beta-1 release, please file sync
> request bugs using requestsync, and include an appropriate rationale.
> Thank you,
> -- 
> Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at]

Pozdrawiam / Kind regards,
Artur Rona

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