Shall we hide the GUI for Hibernate in Natty?

Benjamin Donald-Wilson benjamin.donald.wilson.k at
Thu Mar 10 05:31:21 UTC 2011

I like the idea but instead of tweaking the
line then maybe add a GUI to show what buttons the user wants to show
in the shutdown chocies.

Thanks, Benny Age 12.

On 01/02/2011, Rick Spencer <rick.spencer at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> This email is to get some feedback and discussion about an idea under
> consideration for Ubuntu in Natty.
> Natty is currently NOT showing the Hibernate option in the list of
> shutdown choices. This is currently an experiment, but I thought it
> might be worth discussing the pros and cons on these lists as well.
> The reasoning for hiding Hibernate includes:
> 1. It doesn't work well for many users on many machines.
> 2. It's very slow.
> 3. It's not as useful because users can just suspend.
> 4. The difference between hibernate and suspend is confusing.
> 5. There is a lot of work involved with verifying that Hibernates works
> and fixing bugs to ensure that it works. This work is not always
> completed, and the work that does get done can be channeled to other
> useful areas. (In other words, fewer bugs through fewer features to
> support).
> However, Hibernate works well for some users, so this will be a painful
> regression[1].
> Please note that currently:
> 1. No decision has been taken, it's just an experiment and is very open
> to discussion at this point.
> 2. The feature is hidden in the UI, but can be turned back on by
> tweaking,
> /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla
> 3. The desktop team decided that session saving (in Gnome) is
> unsalvagable, so removing hibernate would mean that there is no way to
> save state across powerdowns/powerups.[2]
> So, thoughts, discussion, feedback, options, suggestions, rants, raves,
> etc... ?
> Cheers, Rick
> [1]
> [2]
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