Patch Pilot Report: 2011-03-10

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Thu Mar 10 13:14:12 UTC 2011
 - rejected by ubuntu-archive before, gave another review, almost
   ready to go
 - merge conflicts, asked to fix
 - applied patch, added python-appindicator dependency, uploaded
 - reviewed, uploaded
 - reviewed, uploaded
 - reviewed, needs fixing, suggested to send patch to debian, accepted
   in Debian
 - patch indicated as patch-needswork
 - pinged doko about it
 - found difference between suggested patch and upstream, asked
   contributors about it
 - removed patch flag from screenshot
 - committed to ~ubuntu-desktop branch
 - marked patch as patch-needswork
 - closed, we have a newer version in Ubuntu already.
 - subscribed rodrigo-moya to get his input
 - closed as a newer version of the bug (631376) had been fixed.
 - patch is included in our package already
 - marked patch as patch-needswork
 - fixed in natty, closed

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