Patch Pilot report for March 9, 2011

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Wed Mar 9 22:51:24 UTC 2011

- LP: #730413 (wireshark vulnerabilities) - reviewed 8 patches 
  fixing 9 CVEs which unsurprisingly took quite a bit of time. 
  Ultimately NAKd due to patch problems but with feedback on how to get 
  it into shape
- review LP: #721703 (FindMPI script violates policy CMP0004). Marked 
  Won't Fix until upstream fixes it (nothing to be done and nothing in
  Ubuntu is affected anymore)
- review tomboy merge request. Patch isn't ready and has to wait on 
  upstream review
- review LP: #192218 (Use of -g workarea causes X Error of failed 
  request: BadValue). analyze/patch/test/upload/submittodebian
- review LP: #715044 (notification area icon for ibus-pinyin is 
  missing). Not clear why patch fixes the bug. Marked incomplete and 
  asked for upstream input (pointing to upstream bug tracker)

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