Transitioning Python 2 helpers to dh_python2

Barry Warsaw barry at
Wed Jun 15 18:47:51 UTC 2011

On Jun 14, 2011, at 09:43 AM, Colin Watson wrote:

>The Perl 5.12 transition was an unusually awkward case because it was
>hard to specify the affected package list.  Look at something like
>instead, which doesn't have that huge blob.

Much nicer.  Oh, and Colin did just set up a transition tracker for the
dh_python2 transition, and yep, it looks great:

>> but even here, there's little or no help to explain what you're
>> actually looking at, or how to use the data.  I'm sure it's very
>> helpful to folks who already know what this means, but does the
>> average Ubuntu developer understand how to read this?
>By all means propose a branch with a legend or something.  Personally I
>find red and green rows fairly clear. :-)

Other than the big blob, I guess it was more the Dependency levels which
aren't explained at all.  Still I have to admit, the dh_python2 one does
provide a great view of the progress, so that's very much for setting that up!

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