Uploading to multiple distros

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Thu Jun 2 12:54:37 UTC 2011

Iain Lane writes ("Re: Uploading to multiple distros"):
> You can do this already by using syncpackage(1) from ubuntu-dev-tools ? 
> I don't think the archive software looks at the changelog, but the 
> distribution in the changes file.

I wasn't aware of syncpackage.  The manpage is quite discouraging.

> For "normal" syncs we generally advise not using syncpackage, but it 
> might make sense when doing simultaneous uploads.

Hrm.  So syncpackage generates a .changes for uploading to ubuntu from
the .dsc (which presumably came out of the Debian build).  That does
mean though that the Ubuntu target suite is not visible in the
changelog of the ultimate Ubuntu package.  And if the package is not
accepted into the Debian archive for any reason, the changelog is very
misleading because it looks like a sync from Debian.

> This at least works when uploading packages prepared for Debian to 
> Ubuntu. I'm not sure how well Debian's infrastructure would cope if the 
> changelog specifies an Ubuntu release.

Debian's archive tools don't look at the changelog either, I think.
But the .changes file is generated from it.  Both Debian and Ubuntu
will reject a .changes file containing unrecognised suites.

One way to enable simultaneous uploads would be to arrange for
dpkg-genchanges to filter out suites for "other" distros when
generating the .changes file.  Then you would have the same files
being uploaded but two different .changes files.

One .changes file would be nice but there are conceptual and practical
problems with it.


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