Uploading to multiple distros

Peter Samuelson peter at p12n.org
Thu Jun 2 15:28:09 UTC 2011

[Ian Jackson]
> Hrm.  So syncpackage generates a .changes for uploading to ubuntu from
> the .dsc (which presumably came out of the Debian build).  That does
> mean though that the Ubuntu target suite is not visible in the
> changelog of the ultimate Ubuntu package.  And if the package is not
> accepted into the Debian archive for any reason, the changelog is very
> misleading because it looks like a sync from Debian.

Since syncs from Debian are actually supposed to be the majority of
packages in Ubuntu anyway, why not just do that - a real sync, not a
fake simultaneous one.  I don't live in the Ubuntu dev universe, but
given how common of an operation this apparently is, I'd think the
tool(s) to do it would be mature and easy to use.  Sure, you have to
wait a few minutes until you get your ACCEPTED mail from dak, but what
of it?  The mail is your reminder to finish the job.

(And if the 'sync from debian' process can't pull your .dsc out of
incoming, that's something I imagine would be easy enough to add.)

> One way to enable simultaneous uploads would be to arrange for
> dpkg-genchanges to filter out suites for "other" distros when
> generating the .changes file.  Then you would have the same files
> being uploaded but two different .changes files.

I suppose you mean put that functionality into this syncpackage thing.
Because otherwise you're still going to need to run dpkg-genchanges
twice, once presumably by hand with some sort of suite override switch,
and that does rather break the abstractions of debian/rules, debhelper,
and the like.

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