Patch pilot report, 2011-12-07.

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Wed Dec 7 04:05:37 UTC 2011

lp:~psusi/ubuntu/precise/parted/fixloop - Subscribed Colin to look at this one.

lp:~chihchun/ubuntu/oneiric/vim/bug-856779 - Seems the main vim branch is broken, but can be merged at the source package level, however the bug still lacks SRU information.

Bug #900673 (gftp merge) - Uploaded.

lp:~gandelman-a/ubuntu/precise/cobbler/lp900977 - Uploaded

lp:~roadmr/ubuntu/oneiric/checkbox/ - Uploaded after tweaking the changelog to point to oneiric-proposed.

lp:~psusi/ubuntu/precise/ureadahead/faster - FTBFS in precise.

Bug #901041 (ebview merge) - Uploaded.

lp:~om26er/ubuntu/oneiric/compiz-plugins-main/fix-876591-2 - One for Didier to review I think.

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