Please change python-gobject dependencies to python-gi

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Dec 7 10:46:55 UTC 2011

Hello Ubuntu developers,

TL;DR: For packages which use the new python gobject-introspection
bindings (from gi.repository import ...) instead of the old static
bindings ("import gobject"), please change "python-gobject" build and
binary dependencies to "python-gi". Same applies to python-gi-cairo.
and python-gi-dev.


The pygobject package has a bit of a complicated history. It started
with actually providing the "gobject" static binding and a few others
such as "glib", then the new GI bindings ("gi.repository") were
merged, and now it only contains the GI bindings and nothing else. We
now have a pygobject-2 source package which provides the old static
bindings for backwards compatibility.

python-gobject is now a transitional package which pulls in both the
new python-gi and the compatibility python-gobject-2 packages. The
goal is to migrate everythign that uses GI to python-gi, so that it's
easier to see which packages still need to be ported, and that
pygobject-2 can eventually be removed.

This change was already done for many packages in main, and I'll also
follow the progress and do some fixes there, but it's better if more
people than just me know the background and avoid introducing new
dependencies to python-gobject.


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