Patch pilot report 2011-12-06

Barry Warsaw barry at
Wed Dec 7 01:52:46 UTC 2011

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 - Merged etckeeper 0.58 from Debian testing (LP: #900662).
 - Merged gftp 2.0.19-3 from Debian testing (LP: 900673).

   This upload failed with a mysterious error: "Unhandled exception processing
   upload: 26130185".  In IRC, cjwatson pointed me to this:
   and says

   <cjwatson> I suspect this is fallout from librarian hardware trouble
   <cjwatson> leave it for now
   <cjwatson> we should be able to flush the rejected upload(s) back into the
              queue once everything is back to normal

 - Tested the fix for bug 754000 in given in the merge proposal.  As far as I
   can tell the branch does not fix the problem.
   Merge proposal:
 - Reviewed merge proposal and it looks good.  Pinged smoser about uploading

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