Patch pilot report: 2011-12-05

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Dec 5 14:46:56 UTC 2011

My patch pilot work for today:

audiofile (LP #900153): upload
lp:~mathieu-tl/ubuntu/precise/procps/ipv6-privext: upload
lp:~dobey/ubuntu/oneiric/desktopcouch/include-apport: merge into precise, backport/upload to oneiric-proposed
lp:~shnatsel/ubuntu/precise/gnome-session/gnome-session-fix-899568: apply to correct branch, upload
lp:~loneowais/ubuntu/precise/rhythmbox/remember-the-rhythm: should be sent upstream instead, set to WIP and add a comment
fwts (LP #880472): was committed upstream, unsubscribe sponsors
vim (LP #896587): upload
libsdl1.2 (LP #898147): upload, make corresponding seed changes, upload new ubuntu-meta
libgweather (LP: #629646) uploaded SRUs to all supported releases
lp:~jamespharaoh/ubuntu/oneiric/compiz/fix-881329: set to WIP, currently blocked by precise MP
lp:~j/ubuntu/oneiric/kdenlive/fix-for-899580: upload, but point out that this requires a precise fix first or confirm that it is fixed in precise
lp:~gandelman-a/ubuntu/precise/glance/899970: upload
lp:~kelemeng/libubuntuone/bug786632-2: upload
lp:~mitya57/nautilus/ubuntu-fix-lp-795708: upload, backport to oneiric-proposed
lp:~om26er/ubuntu/oneiric/compiz-plugins-main/fix-sru-regressions-2: upload
chemtool (LP #839745): inappropriate for SRU, comment what to do instead

During my shift I reduced the queue from 37 to 23.

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