Improved uninstallability reports

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Dec 5 09:59:10 UTC 2011

Hello Ubuntu developers, archive admins, stable+1 team members,

One of our hourly generated archive consistency reports is

which shows which packages in main are uninstallable. So far this only
gave a per-architecture list of the binary package names and their
source packages, nothing else. As this isn't particularly helpful for
resolving them, I added some features:

 * Add the output of "apt-get install" on the package and its failed
   dependencies (thanks to Colin for setting up chdist!), to have a
   better idea _why_ the binary package is uninstallable.

 * Add links to failed/in progress builds, as skew between different
   architectures is a common cause for uninstallability. Many packages
   build a kind of Architecture: all -common package which is a strict
   dependency from an Architecture: any package.

 * Add URLs to Lauchpad for the source package and its version.

FYI, has a
snapshot from the current run which demonstrates the various cases. As
we will now work on actually resolving the remaining failures, the
real report will hopefully shrink very soon.

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