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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Nov 26 15:45:56 GMT 2010

Hello all,

to join the choir of patch sponsors, I just finished my shift for
today. First of all, I have to say that this does feel better for me
than the "one hour per week" thing we had before. While I do
IRC ping based sponsoring almost every day, this solid half-day which
is in my calendar is a lot easier to plan for, and much less easy to
forget about.

I got 8 sponsor requests uploaded (some of them involved two or three
uploads for different releases), and reviewed/cleaned up 11 sponsoring
items which need other actions, such as forwarding upstream, fixing,
or were broken/obsolete.


detailled list:

Sponsor Rodrigo's gnome-settings-daemon into gnome3 PPA
Sponsor bind9; had to fix packaging and the apport hook (#533601)
Sponsor git-core (lucid) (#636999)
Sponsor gnome-system-tools (lucid/maverick/natty) (#574046)
Sponsor plymouth (#609163)
Sponsor powertop merge (#681768)
Sponsor telepathy-haze (maverick-proposed and natty) (#652944)
Sponsor ureadahead; make it build on natty (#545596)

Review hunspell patch, forward it upstream (#665459)
Review initramfs-tools merge; was already done, but LP branch view broken
Review lvm2 sponsoring branch, needs merging with Debian, and one questionable change
Review mountall merge proposal, rejected (#460246)
Review network-manager-applet sponsoring, comment in bug and upstream (#386900)
Review nvidia-graphics-drivers sponsoring; assigned to Alberto, as I cannot commit to packaging git (#639976)
Review pidgin sponsoring, already applied (#676972)
Review sysvinit merge (#529715), obsolete
Review udev sponsoring, applied patch upstream (#681755)
Review deluser sponsoring; already fixed in natty, not appropriate for SRU (#613204)
Review gnome-power-manager patch, sent it upstream (#257827)

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