SSH and the Ubuntu Server

Alex Chiang achiang at
Thu Nov 18 20:59:49 GMT 2010

* Dustin Kirkland <kirkland at>:
> If you didn't get SSH installed the first time around, you're going to
> have to mosey back down the datacenter to 'apt-get install
> openssh-server' before you can do anything remotely with your server.
> But that assumes you can *get* to your server.  I'm arguing that SSH
> is generally needed to access your server and get to the point where
> you can login and do useful things with it after installation (like a
> running second stage installer).

I would expect that a data center set up in this manner would
also have remote serial consoles to all the machines there too,
using conserver or conman something similar.

At least that's how I'd set up *my* data center. ;)

In the event that it is a common setup, it reduces the strength
of argument of "needing to go back to the machine room to apt-get
install openssh-server".

But of course, that is speculation on my part. I have no data as
to how common remote serial consoles actually are in data

If someone has a better feel for it than I, it would be useful


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