Idea: review + massive sync of Debian changes not involving new upstream versions?

Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at
Thu Mar 18 10:36:26 GMT 2010


Am Wednesday 17 March 2010 19:43:10 schrieb Lucas Nussbaum:
> Hi,
> 5 lines summary:
>   For universe packages that don't have anybody looking at them, I
>   propose that, instead of letting them rot after Debian Import Freeze,
>   we instead review the Debian changes that don't introduce new upstream
>   versions, and continue to sync them (manually) to Ubuntu to get all
>   the bug fixes that happen in Debian.

While I think that's a noble goal, I fear we lack manpower to do this. That 
would mean that we'd spread resources to import packages where we don't know 
beforehand if these contain only cosmetical changes or important bug fixes. 
Given that we already do know where important bug fixes are present in Debian, 
but not yet in Ubuntu [1], and that that list is far from empty, I think it's 
better to prioritize to clear that list.

[1]: <>
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