feedback: installation lucid on my laptop

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Thu Mar 4 17:09:23 GMT 2010

On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 09:21:31AM +0100, Michael Wahlbrink wrote:
> Hi,
> Yesterday i've tried to install lucid on my notebook (thinkpad T61 with
> Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M graphics). I've installed it via the live image,
> because I need during the installation, and i didn't get managed it to
> get this work with the alternate disk (my preferred way, because of the
> lvm support). First I tried the daily image. But if lucid switches in
> graphic mode (X starts) the show was over.... just some colored pixels
> all over the sceen... :( I was able to change the caonsoles but there
> was no activated one... The short end was I've used alpha2 successfully
> to install lucid on the thinkpad. There must been a change between
> alpha2 and the daily from yesterday. Should I file a bug (against
> what?)? Or should I do further testing? Or is this already known and
> will be resolved soon, so its only useless double information which we
> all can forget ;-)

We switched to nouveau as the default driver for nvidia hardware between
alpha2 and alpha3.  That seems to be the most likely suspect to me given
the time frame and hardware.  You can still manually force it to use the
-nv driver as a workaround; if that does work around it, be sure to file
a bug (`ubuntu-bug xorg`).

Another idea is plymouth, as many people have had troubles getting X to
boot due to plymouth issues.  However your symptoms are a bit different
from what others have reported.  Still, could be worth your time to
review the existing plymouth bug reports.  (Workaround is to uninstall


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