Call for testing: lvm2, dmsetup and friends

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Sat Feb 13 13:00:08 GMT 2010

Hey Kees,

Kees Cook [2010-02-12 23:59 -0800]:
> I've been working on the lvm2 merge

Thanks so much for this!

> which also merges devmapper into the
> lvm2 package.  I have tested LVM non-root, LVM root, and limited cryptsetup
> configurations.  I would like more testing, especially DM-RAID, which I
> don't have hardware to test with.

I wrote an udisks test suite the other day, which also covers LVM and
LVM-on-RAID1 (not very deeply, though, but basic functionality). It
generally works well, but there's one smal regression (or at least
behaviour change): RAID-1 mirror images (_mimage*, _mlog*) now get
by-id/by-uuid symlinks, which creates some confusion/clutter in
exposes them to userspace (see [1], and linked bug reports).

56-lvm.rules covers this case:

ENV{DM_LV_NAME}=="?*_mimage_[0-9]*|pvmove?*|?*_vorigin", ENV{DM_UDEV_DISABLE_DISK_RULES_FLAG}="1"

and 60-persistent-storage-dm.rules also checks the
DM_UDEV_DISABLE_DISK_RULES_FLAG property, but checks it too late, so
that by-id/by-uuid symlinks are still created.

Do you know if that was intended? Since they are mostly useless in
userspace, and are only an internal implementation details, I'd rather
like to seem them hidden as much as possible.

This shouldn't block a lucid upload, though; if it's an intended
change I can easily update the udisks test suite.




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