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Thu Dec 2 22:37:20 GMT 2010

On 12/02/2010 02:36 PM, Jono Bacon wrote:
> Hi All,
> Today I had a discussion with some of the other organizers of UDS, and
> we have been reviewing some of the feedback from the survey and we have
> some areas in which we would like to improve.
> I wanted to highlight these areas and ask for your feedback to help us
> make better choices.
> These areas are:
>        * Tracks - some of the feedback received was that the tracks at
>          the last UDS were confusing and complex. What did you folks
>          think of the tracks? One suggestion is that we ditch tracks and
>          instead just have 'tags' for sessions (e.g. you add a session
>          and tag it from a limited set of tags). Do you think this would
>          be a better approach?

I like this idea. The new format definitely made tracks a bit useless 
this time around, and ripe for elimination.

>        * Lower Cloud Attendance - we noticed that the Cloud track was
>          less interesting to folks at UDS. The cloud is a key area in
>          which Ubuntu can compete - what do you think we can do to make
>          that content more interesting?

There seems to be plenty of talk about what cloud is capable of, but 
what is the state of cloud right now? I think perhaps some more 
presentations about where cloud is now would make the UDS "where are we 
headed" sessions a bit more interesting.

>        * Track Leads - there seemed to be some confusion surrounding the
>          expectations and responsibilities of track leads. How do you
>          feel track leads could be most effective in helping the UDS
>          experience?

I think the track lead position can be reduced to UDS planning and 
implementation. Organization and tagging (if adopted) of blueprints and 
sessions would be their primary focus. In addition, I always felt some 
review of the outcomes and follow-up on commitments has always been needed.

The sessions themselves seem to run fine with just the owner of the 
Blueprint and a few interested parties running the discussion.

> Thanks for your feedback!
> 	Jono

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